Saving Money Hacks

Five Ingenious Things You Can Do By Saving Money

Saving money is a lost skill today! Especially when advertising bombards on us through every device we have. It’s only natural that we click the ‘Buy’ button every day. But ironically, saving money has its benefits. Especially when it allows you to…

Buy Stuff!

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The great thing about saving money, of course, is to buy stuff like we always do. But the difference is that it allows us to buy costlier things. One of the best ways to motivate yourself to save money is to actually picture a gadget that you want to buy and set about buying it by saving money monthly. Save for that shiny iPhone X!

Get Out Of Debt

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Having a student loan is no joke. The thought of paying an enormous amount of money to a bank really does break the spirit of actually doing anything in life. We all want to get out of debt somehow, be it any debt. The nagging feeling which holds us back in the guts. We feel afraid to even think doing of something out of the ordinary. Especially, if you are a creative, I know that you’ll shriek at the idea of a debt. But, in today’s world, a debt has become an easily accessible and necessary thing. Saving money helps you reduce this burden by letting you pay off a major chunk of the debt at the end of each year. You can save small bits of money monthly and pay off a considerable size of the debt you have taken.

Get To Financial Freedom

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How does that word sound? Amazing aint it? Yes, imagine yourself in a position where you don’t have to go to a job to earn money and money just deposits itself into your bank account every month, day and second. Isn’t that stuff of the dreams? Actually no! Anyone can cultivate a habit of saving money through investing, and build an asset (remember this word!) that will automatically create money for you every month. So how about saving some extra money that you may have in your purse?

Live Retirement In Style

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I know! We just want to live now! I don’t f****** care about the future. This moment is all that matters. While this zen approach works everywhere, it is smart to plan a little ahead for your life. The same energy that we all have today will not be there 20, 30 or 40 years from now. Hell! I just hope we are able to carry ourselves around at that age. What really helps is having a load of money when you’re old. Saving money helps you get there in style!

Have A Money Punching Bag For Emergencies

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This life is freaking unpredictable. Let’s get that right. Our cars suddenly break down, our loved ones fall sick, our bike gets a flat tyre and the mechanic suddenly says the tyre needs to be replaced, our phone drops dead (there’s a nasty one!), girlfriend or boyfriend breaks up and…… you get the picture. Now, all of these have literal financial implications on our lives whether we like it or not. Saving money ? helps us manage these emergencies without wondering how. It’s literally like your money punching bag in times of stress. Save it and keep punching!

So, now you know why saving money ? is important to either buy off your desires or to maintain a punching bag in times of financial stress. Keep saving.. keep buying.. keep dancing!?